“Times they are a changin”

Are they really changing that much? In the “old days” artists had to go to a label to front the cost of recording albums, merchandise and touring. Some artists would finance everything themselves and hope they made their money back. If they were business savvy some of them would do fine, though there is a ceiling to how far you’ll get without a big bank roll. The artists that went to labels usually had to give up some of their artistic freedom and keep things safe to make the labels happy. Today, CDs are a thing of the past and digital downloads aren’t far behind. What we’re stuck with is streaming, but streaming doesn’t pay. So what can an artist do? Enter Patreon…

With Patreon y’all will be my label. That means exclusive demos, videos, merchandise and early access to all my music. For example; if an album has a June release date, Patreon members will get it 6 months early in January. We offer multiple tiers, so there’s something for everyone. You’d be surprised how even a dollar can help.

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