1. Life's Blood

From the recording Burnt Bridges & Broken Hearts

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Life's Blood

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W.D. Miller - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Michelle Miller - Backing Vocals
David Von Bader - Electric Guitar
Craig Woloshin - Pedal Steel
Tommy Minton - Fiddle
Eric Garcia - Harmonica
Eric Guermeur - Bass
Michael Rodriguez - Drums
Nikki Azadi - Piano and Organ


You used to be my lover
You used to be my friend
You said we'd be together
Until our life's blood ends

Now you've thrown our love away
And left a scattered note
I pine on every single word
Every letter that you wrote

Loving you used to be so simple and (serene) so clean
Then some point your love was gone I woke up from this dream
From time to time I think of you that's when the teardrops start
So I sit in silence and try to mend the
pieces of my heart

Deeper down the well I go
My stomach turns to knots
My mind has gone into a trance
A darkness clouds my thoughts

A plot my mind could not conceive
The line I would not cross
A death has happened on this day
Your love has now been lost