1. On My Own

From the recording Burnt Bridges & Broken Hearts

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On My Own

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W.D. Miller - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Michelle Miller - Backing Vocals
Michelle Grand - Backing Vocals
David Von Bader - Electric Guitar
Russel Mofsky - Electric Guitar
Craig Woloshin - Pedal Steel
Tommy Minton - Fiddle
Roger Houdaille - Bass, Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals
Michael Rodriguez - Drums
Nikki Azadi - Piano and Organ


Gave it everything I had A long and painful fight
Sang my heart out to everyone underneath a neon light
Always in a different town, loved ones so far away
I'll be home in a week or too maybe this time i should stay

Packing up for tour again a broken jaded mess
I don't know where I belong who knows when I will rest
Heading out to Baton Rouge last time here for a while
Telling jokes and cutting up I still can't seem to smile

I'm on the road
I'm on my own
Where am I gonna go

Thumbing through some 45s in a Dark in smoke filled bar
Never really looking I'm just wondering how you are
Played some songs drank some beer and made this old stage shake
Doorman took an extra cut so lets see what well make

Sleeping in the van again this life is getting old
Could've listened to my mom, should have done what i was told
Up against old father time to toughest I've seen yet
Tattooed your name across my chest so i don't forget