W.D. Miller

The Pot Pipe Troubadour

W.D. MILLER is the country soundtrack to the deep South’s oldest roots. W.D. hones in on earnest storytelling and song craft, keeping in the tradition of country and folk songwriters. Channeling equal parts John Prine and Merle Haggard with a dash of Tom Waits, his honky-tonk country hymns and folky ballads keep boots stomping and tears flowing, whether touring through Germany or taking a full ensemble band on the highways and byways of America’s back roads. W.D.’s solemn guitar chords and gravelly intonations sing to the vagabond, disaffected spirits of country music’s past, while carving a new voice from traditions of rock n’ roll, blues and folk. W.D. MILLER has become a recurring performer at the Muddy Roots Festival, Southbound and Down as well as regional tours throughout the southeast, proving this is a voice that speaks to the true heart of country and folk music. W.D.'s sophomore album "Hard Times Like These", was released in March 2022.