From the recording Burnt Bridges & Broken Hearts

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Barroom for a Shelter

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W.D. Miller - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
David Von Bader - Electric Guitar
Craig Woloshin - Pedal Steel
Tommy Minton - Fiddle
Eric Garcia - Harmonica
Eric Guermeur - Bass
Michael Rodriguez - Drums
Nikki Azadi - Piano and Organ


I can’t forget the last time that I saw her
Those wounded eyes showed me the years of pain
Now that she’s gone I guess I should move along
But I’m stuck her just flirtin with my shame

This barroom ive been using for a shelter
This bottle ive been whispering her name
Ive got that look on my face like everybodies lookin
And everybodies lookin all the same.

They got a jukebox and a bar that's full of drinkers
But Faron Young's the only voice I hear
If misery loves company then why do I feel so lonely
With a broken heart as a souvenir


The nightmares have been coming far too often
Drenched in sweat I long to see her face
But that ain't gonna happen I'll just sit here sad and
I ain't gonna ever leave this place

Chorus x2