From the recording Burnt Bridges & Broken Hearts

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Samael (My Name is Sam)

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W.D. Miller - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Michelle Miller - Backing Vocals
Michelle Grand - Backing Vocals
David Von Bader - Electric Guitar
George Geanuracos - Fiddle
Craig Woloshin - Pedal Steel
Eric Garcia - Harmonica
Roger Houdaille - Bass
Michael Rodriguez - Drums


Well my name is Sam but they call me Samael
I'm the devil's dog as far as I could tell
6 foot 9 weighs 300 pounds
I'm the baddest man in this whole damn town
My name is Sam but they call me Samael

Hear my erie whisper, or my rebel yell
Hissing hexes from my book of spells
Hatred for the Universe
Product of a human curse
My name is Sam but they call me Samael

Am I Evil?
Yes I am!
You're the son of God?
Well, I'm the sins of Man

Am I wicked?
You bet your dime!
Your tormentor till the end of time