From the recording Hard Times Like These

Written by D. Miller & G. Geanuracos
W.D. Miller - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
J. Tom Hnatow - Bass, Nylon Guitar, Piano
Robby Cosenza - Drums, Vocals, Harmonica
Recorded at Small Blue Studios; Lex, KY
Mixed by J. Tom Hnatow


Whiskey and women Been treating me fine
I’m over the limit and I’m south of the line

I’ve been up I’ve been down and I’ve been on a roll
Life in the city has taken its toll

I belong where the sky never ends
Where the fields and the trees are my friends
Where my woman's got nothing to sing but my praises
and I sleep in the arms of my lord

I wake up each morning in a puddle of sweat
I keep on recalling what i'd like to forget
the throats that I cut and all the lies that I told
Life in the city has taken its toll

I was raised as the son of a plow
wiping the sweat from my brow
My harvest has grown from the seeds That I planted
And my winter looks miserable now

I live on the run in this hell I call home
Destined to reap all the seeds that I'd sewn
I got a heart like a rock but a head like a hole
Life in the city has taken its toll

I belong on the home on the range
where the deer and the antelope play
where seldom is heard a discouraging word
And the skies are not cloudy all day
But my skies get so cloudy all day